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Featured Video; The Niagara Falls International Marathon

A Week On Gozo - Video Highlights from this Mediterranean Paradise

Our team ran the Gozo Half Marathon earlier this year and stayed on for a week after the race to kayak, segway, hike, sail, picnic and more on this idylic island near to Malta...READ MORE 

Team Trek and Run is committed to Hiking, Cycling, Canoeing and Running as green, clean and mindfully as possible. That means trying to only use products that are as good for the environment, and the people who make them, as they are for us and also eating and living as ethically as we can manage to.


We make event films, hotel reviews and travel documentaries that are regularly listed as 'most watched' for events or locations. Visit our YouTube Channel Here.


During 2020 the Trek and Run Team will mainly be racing local with a focus on sustainability, but will also be taking part in some key International events. If you see us at any of them, do come say hello!


Gozo Half Marathon Special

Featuring; The beautiful Mediterranean island of Gozo!! Including a full account of running the Gozo Half Marathon, plus a guide to the islands accommodation and tours. Also Part 1 of our in-depth report of the Tallin Marathon, and the Happy Trails 'Tally in the Valley' trail event in Canada. We also interview Liz Warner of Run to Reach, offer up some vegan recipes, and review kit from Hoka One One, Topo Athletic, Bam Bamboo Clothing, and more!

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