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Event - Spartan Sprint

There were 3,000 people signed up to take part in this event but by midday, about the time that our Trek and Run team had finished, an extra 1,200 had turned up hoping to race. Perhaps the good weather had something to do with the turnout or maybe there’s more to it regarding sporting trends, or marketing, who knows. Whatever the reasons it was good to see so many people streaming into the event village and nobody was turned away. We didn’t envy the late starters though, as those of us on the early waves had messed the course up pretty good, so the later waves were in for a muddy, slippery time…


The film shows you what the event was like. The course was well designed with frequent water to wade through between runs and obstacles which for me helped with the recovery process. If it were a colder day (like last year when we did the Spartan Beast in November) I wouldn’t have enjoyed the water crossings much but this was August and the sun was out, sort of, so wading through chest high bogs... Read More


Gear - Airia One Running Shoe

They Say; Airia One is a new running shoe that can help you run faster. Airia One helps 8 out of 10 to run faster regardless of their current level or running style. Airia One makes you more in tune with your body. A feeling of wanting to run manifests itself as soon as you try these shoes on. When running you will be higher in the step and have a better running feel. After analyzing the running step down to its tiniest detail we have been able to better optimize the forces of a stride into forward momentum speed. Airia One is so focused on delivering running performance that you actually can’t walk in them. With nature and evolution as our stepping stone we have created a new paradigm in the development of running shoes. We offer free shipping and 30 day money back guarantee.

We Say – I’ve not raced in these shoes yet so can’t let you know the all important thing, which is, do they actually make you faster? But I thought it important to let you know about them, as if like me you’re just getting in shape for the autumn marathon season you might benefit from looking into what they can offer. I’ve used them over the past 2 months for training whilst I travelled in Morocco.... Read More


Gear - Nosilife Sirena Hoodie

They Say – Get acquainted with this cool, casual hooded top that’s ideal for hot-climate travel. The hoody’s design features 2 lower pockets with additional security pocket and full-length front zip. Permanently sun-protective and insect-repellent, NosiLife Sirena Hoody makes the perfect cover-up when the sun dips and mossies descend. Our ground-breaking NosiLife adventure travel clothing collection includes lightweight, agile and packable shirts, trousers, tops and tees designed to protect and perform brilliantly in hot climates. • 2 zipped pockets • NosiLife polyester cotton elastane jersey 324g • Main:61% polyester 36% cotton 3% elastane, hood lining: 62% cotton • ton 35% polyester 3% elastane. Discover more at http://www.craghoppers.com/nosilife-sirena-hooded-jacket.html

We Say – My search for a versatile, comfortable and stylish hoodie has ended! I love this Sirena hoodie and have used it extensivly for the last three months on my travels through three different continents. Starting in Sri Lanka I’ve worn it on cooler nights, temperatures around 25 degrees or so, and it was the perfect top layer; I didn’t overheat in the tropical climate but was still shielded from that little... Read More


Interview - Richard Pringle, Operations Director of Spartan UK

Good afternoon Richard and thank-you for taking the time to talk to us – I imagine you must be quite busy with less than a week until the first Spartan Race UK event takes place!

Yeah, pretty busy now, it’s all systems go. We’re onsite doing the preparation at Pippingford at the moment so we’re in the early stages of the build and creating the obstacles at the moment so all go!

Great stuff – we can’t wait to join you on day 1! So I’d like to start off by speaking about you. I was amazed to learn how despite being diagnosed with Ankylosing Spondylitis (a degenerative spinal condition) in 2006 you’ve refused to let your condition stop you enjoying the activities you clearly love, with an impressive Half Marathon time earlier this year of 89m28s and qualification for the World Obstacle Course Racing Championships this October! Can you offer advice to anyone with similar medical conditions who might feel some of their goals are now out of reach?... Read More


Gear - Tilley Hemp Hat

As a Canadian I feel very strongly about the Tilley brand in general, especially when I wear them around the world. Everybody who knows anything about quality travel clothing knows that Tilley is made in Canada so at times during the past 3 months it’s almost like I’ve been wearing my nationality on my head as I’ve travelled between 3 continents.


Tilley are known for making some of the best hats that money can buy and the Tilley Hemp hat doesn’t disappoint; I’ve worn it every single day for the last three months in Sri Lanka, Morocco and Spain in a variety of different temperatures and wind speeds and it’s protected me fantastically. I suffer from eczema which means I can’t wear sun cream on my face at all so I needed a decent sun hat when we were outside all day in bright, 30 degree sun; the fact that I never got sunburn at all is a testament to how good this hat is. Conditions were especially testing on our long walks under the hot desert sun in Morocco and the dry, humid heat of the East coast of Sri Lanka; not once... Read More


Feature - What will it take for Our Girls to take on the Spartan?

On Sunday 7th September 2014, less than 3 weeks time, our team of 5 girls (well, women) will attempt to conquer the 5K Spartan Sprint in Cambridge. How do we feel about taking on this challenge which is usually associated with gym bodied, ultra-competitive men? What preparations and training will we undertake? And most importantly, are we up to the challenge? I think we can safely say that the five words which covered our initial reaction were; fear, panic, terror and most importantly excitement and determination.


Meet the team. We are five friends of varying fitness levels.

Laura – Age 27 - Laura is a primary school teacher and was born in Scotland but now lives in Hornchurch, Essex with her boyfriend and his 10 year old daughter. Laura goes to the gym sporadically, does ‘Pole and Tone Fitness’ for 2 hours each week and has taken part in several 5K and 10K races, one obstacle race and 3 half marathons over the last few years... Read More